Returning to Uni

So the Daily Prompt is Fifteen Credits (which I’m assuming is something to do with American Universities) as its about returning to school, so why not post on that theme??

I am moving into my flat for university on Saturday ready to start in early September. Im excited for going back, I will be entering my Third Year of Medical School and my clinical years at Manchester Royal Infirmary. This is super exciting as MRI is comprised of 4 hospitals including an AMAZING Children’s Hospital!!

Im kind of nervous as well, I don’t know exactly what to expect of clinical years – It’s going to be so different from preclinical. Not knowing what to expect is kind of scary but hopefully it will all be good.

So I start with Introduction to Clinical Learning. Which is basically 3 weeks worth of lectures on very boring things such as Manual Handling and Fitness to Practise etc, which whilst I know its useful and necessary, its none-the-less particularly boring!

After that, I have been based in Care of the Elderly/ Geriatric Medicine. This is kind of scary. I know that in clinical years what Im going to  find the hardest is death and dementia. Its almost like Im going to be thrown into the deep end of what Im going to find the hardest right at the beginning.

After that Im in Acute Medicine, which is exciting! Throughout this semester I am being send to a tiny village GP in the Yorkshire moors, which is going to be a pain to get to!!

Im doing the Heart Lungs Blood (HLB) module this semester, and my flatmate (in the same year) is doing Nutrition Metabolism Excretion (NME), which is annoying because we were hoping to be in the same module so we could work together. Manchester medical is very big, we have 400 students in a year plus an extra 200 students from St Andrews who come to manchester for their clinical years. This means we have about 600 Medical students per year in the clinical years across 4 sites. So the Medical School splits up the year so half do HLB first whilst the other half does NME and then we swap over for the next semester.

but overall Im very excited, even though packing is tiring!!!



Procrastination Fairy

So the daily prompt for today is Procrastination.

I remember doing a sketch show – Manchester Medics Revue 2012 – where there was a Procrastination Fairy. The idea was that every time the student settled down to work (at Portfolio/ PDP for those at medical school in the UK) The Procrastination Fairy would distract the student with so much that the work just didn’t get done.

Thats what I’ve been like recently in regards to packing for University. I move in on Saturday the 24th of August to my flat in Manchester, ready to start Clinical Years at Manchester Royal Infirmary the next week. Its not the packing for University so much as the sorting out all my mess in order to pack for University. Every time I think about packing or sorting things out, I end up doing something else (making my rug, playing a video game, Facebook…etc.)

To be quite honest even this is procrastination…