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So, as this blog is not used anymore I thought I should direct you to my new blog:





Another Project On The Go

So I have another project on the go…

Ive decided to make a flower garland out of crocheted flowers with the boodles fabric yarn I bought….I decided to use this tutorial online:

Which is brilliant!!1

So the flower garland is for my new flat that Im moving into and Im using lots of fun different colours =]


Procrastination Fairy

So the daily prompt for today is Procrastination.

I remember doing a sketch show – Manchester Medics Revue 2012 – where there was a Procrastination Fairy. The idea was that every time the student settled down to work (at Portfolio/ PDP for those at medical school in the UK) The Procrastination Fairy would distract the student with so much that the work just didn’t get done.

Thats what I’ve been like recently in regards to packing for University. I move in on Saturday the 24th of August to my flat in Manchester, ready to start Clinical Years at Manchester Royal Infirmary the next week. Its not the packing for University so much as the sorting out all my mess in order to pack for University. Every time I think about packing or sorting things out, I end up doing something else (making my rug, playing a video game, Facebook…etc.)

To be quite honest even this is procrastination…

Second Rug Project

So I started a new rug, this time crocheting with fabric yarn, and its growing much quicker than my latch hook rug.

I used this tutorial:

but its crazy simple!

I was lazy and bought ready made fabric yarn rather than finding old sheets because I wanted to have certain colours that matched my bedroom.

This is it so far:


And thats about it today =]


the sex education I wish I’d had

I thought this was absolutely brilliant!!! One day I will write a post about my work with Sexpression Manchester and this post shows why and how what we do is so important!!!

massive hassle

The banana of sexSo I have had almost zero formal sex education.

When I was ten, our teacher held the girls back at break time and solemnly informed us that we were due to start bleeding out of our vaginas any day now. If this happened while we were in school, we were to tell NO ONE but immediately locate the nearest female teacher, who would provide us with something to soak up THE SHAME OF OUR WOMB. She did not actually say that last bit, but even at ten years-old, I felt it was strongly implied. This was my first introduction to periods.

When I was fourteen, our science teacher skipped over the chapter on the reproductive system. She told us it was very unlikely to come up in our exams next year, and even if it does, you’ll have lots of questions to choose from so you can just skip it…

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First Post Blues

Why is it that the first post of a blog is the hardest to write?

So here goes.


It’s currently my last proper holiday from med school and so I finally have time to myself before the madness of the year begins.

So, with my fiancé in Australia for a month, I have time to spend crafting!

Normally, throughout the year, I spend all my procrastinating time (and there is a lot of it!) going through Pinterest and finding projects that I love and look interesting, but never have time to do. So they just build up in my craft ideas board and I don’t do anything with them. So I decided to start with something that looked fairly simple: an up-cycling project turning old T-shirts into a nice shag pile rug!

I have a huge pile of old T-shirts waiting to either be sold in a car boot sale or donated or something so using them in a rug was a great idea! Ready for my new flat in 3 weeks.

So I bought my rug canvas and a latch hook and gathered all my old T-shirts and was ready to begin.

I used this website as a tutorial:

At first it was tricky getting used to using the latch hook, but I got used to it with practise.

Latch Hook Rug

Then I had the problem of deciding what design to use and what colours. So I went with a basic stripe pattern, picking whatever shirt I fancied as I went along.

latch hook rug

And my rug grew!!!

I am still working on my rug so I can’t show you guys the finished piece but I’m sure I will do when I’m finished =]

And thats it for now..