Cotswold Countryside Walks

Whilst I go to University in Manchester, I live in the gorgeous Cotswold countryside in Gloucestershire and it is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

Yesterday I took my dog, Jasper, on a walk up on Coaley Point, which is a field and walks at the top of the ridge and is on the Cotswold Way:


( I found this photo on the internet as I forgot to take  a proper view picture, it doesn’t really do the view justice but its the best I can do)

We often go to Coaley Point as a walk with Jasper as there are always lots of dogs for him to run and play with (which he loves). But whilst I was there looking at the view I remembered that I live somewhere where people go on holiday to for its beauty.

I miss proper countryside walks whilst Im at uni, I find that there really isn’t anything as centering and relaxing as a walk in the countryside with nothing but the views, your thoughts and a dog to make you laugh.  I will miss this when I go back to university.


The walk along the Cotswold Way at Coaley


The View at Coaley and Jasper running around


Jasper needed a small break



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