First Post Blues

Why is it that the first post of a blog is the hardest to write?

So here goes.


It’s currently my last proper holiday from med school and so I finally have time to myself before the madness of the year begins.

So, with my fiancé in Australia for a month, I have time to spend crafting!

Normally, throughout the year, I spend all my procrastinating time (and there is a lot of it!) going through Pinterest and finding projects that I love and look interesting, but never have time to do. So they just build up in my craft ideas board and I don’t do anything with them. So I decided to start with something that looked fairly simple: an up-cycling project turning old T-shirts into a nice shag pile rug!

I have a huge pile of old T-shirts waiting to either be sold in a car boot sale or donated or something so using them in a rug was a great idea! Ready for my new flat in 3 weeks.

So I bought my rug canvas and a latch hook and gathered all my old T-shirts and was ready to begin.

I used this website as a tutorial:

At first it was tricky getting used to using the latch hook, but I got used to it with practise.

Latch Hook Rug

Then I had the problem of deciding what design to use and what colours. So I went with a basic stripe pattern, picking whatever shirt I fancied as I went along.

latch hook rug

And my rug grew!!!

I am still working on my rug so I can’t show you guys the finished piece but I’m sure I will do when I’m finished =]

And thats it for now..


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